Riding The Storms

A collection of creative work about accepting and embracing mental health challenges

We had some wonderful submissions of creative work, developed them into a book, crowd-funded and now the collection is here!

We hope to continue producing such collections and you may donate to them any time through the Recovery Devon Website. Our current discussions are about a collection by those who care for people in Recovery. If you have ideas, feel free to share them ūüôā


You may now buy RtS from the Recovery Devon shop. All monies are only to cover postage. If you are able to collect a copy from Exeter we can arrange this – simply contact Recovery Devon with your request.

About Storms

Some years ago Recovery Devon created Beyond the Storms (BTS), a collection of stories and creative works from people about over-coming mental health challenges. It has proved a sought after and precious resource ever since.

Many people spoke of how useful BTS was, but many¬†also felt that learning about how people won their battles made them feel like they too should be ‘winning’. There are conditions which do not go away, which one does not overcome, but which must be managed long-term, sometimes lifelong. Other struggles fade and return, may last days or years.

Riding The Storms is about living with mental health challenges¬†day to day, not beating them or ‘winning’, but about coping and making things¬†work while still ‘in the fight’. Life is difficult, we are all born without instructions! Mental ill-health is not an ‘on’ or ‘off’ thing, it comes in shades and degrees, sometimes diagnosable other times mysterious. Riding the Storms is a collection of the creativity and complexity inspired by the landscape this mystery brings.

Recovery Devon

Recovery Devon are funding the Riding The Storms project and helping us raise further funds to create this website, a print version of the book and hopefully enable the project to become a permanent, ongoing focus for creative discussion of mental well-being.

Devon Recovery Learning Community

Riding the Storms began thanks to feedback and creative work from Recovery Library sessions, which are part of the work of the Devon Recovery Learning Community. DRLC continue to work with Recovery Devon and Riding The Storms, providing practical advice and moral support.
Digital Smithy Copywriting and Web Content

Digital Smithy

Digital Smithy acts as co-editor, helps with our social media, design and technical things, and provided our website and hosting free of charge to help Riding the Storms get started.

Contact Us


Riding The Storms welcomes questions or submissions of work. We’re interested in original poems, short stories or pictures related to your mental health experiences.

If you wish to submit a picture, please send a SMALL image (1mb or less) to us by email, or a link to the image online. If we are able to use the picture, we will send a link for you to share a full-size version with us.

We are a small project with 2 part-time volunteer staff. Please be patient as it may take us some time to respond.

You can also find us on Facebook: